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Growth Company & Profit Improvement


Inflection Point’s consultants have learned that companies sometimes lose sight of their mission and struggle.  As outsiders, we can partner with the CEO/President and help focus/refocus the company.  We believe in achieving the highest profitability with the lowest risk. 

Growth companies often suffer from success, as the founders are stretched too thin or delegate too much to the “wrong” people.  These clients benefit from the “rental” of our brain trust.  We assist in creating the right corporate structure, creating appropriate policies and procedures and developing tools to properly assess customer profitability and the ability to grow within the existing capital structure (many companies grow themselves out of business as customer demands can’t be met with existing cash flow).

Many companies suffer from success by adding too much overhead or losing sight of what made them successful.  As unbiased outsiders we can identify the appropriate structure for a growing company to ensure the good things continue (growth, profits, customer service, quality, etc.) and avoid negative outcomes (bloated overhead/cost structure, poor communication, lack of focus, deteriorating customer service).  Click here to return to the home page

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