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Turnaround, Restructure

Inflection Point's consultants utilize a systematic approach to rapidly assess your company's situation including its operational and strategic strengths and weaknesses, external stakeholder pressures and opportunities for short-term and medium-term improvement/relief.  We are experts at bank negotiations and vendor relationships (even if you owe significant money), most often maintaining "continuity of operations" until the plan is developed and executed.

Our consultants have "been there" and "done that", so our assessments and recommendations are actionable and typically provide rapid results.  We pride ourselves on being hands-on and will work with you and your team to implement the plan.  We are also humble and will, as conditions dictate, continually refine our plan to take into account new information or changes in external factors. 

Our team has been the President, COO, CFO and CRO of public and private companies (both large and small).  We have worked with large corporations, entrepreneurs, partnerships and family run companies.  We prefer to keep our clients out of bankruptcy but are experienced with Chapter 11 (and the reorganization process).  We are experienced and well connected.

Inflection Point's clients have problems that range from the dire ("how am I going to make payroll?") to the pressing ("bank is calling my loan/won't renew my line") to the troubling ("sales are up, but we are always short of cash").  We are experts at negotiating with vendors and keeping continuity of operations, even while owing (and being late) substantial sums.

Typical outcomes can include: Operations restructured to "find" cash that was tied up in the business; business returns to profitability/makes record profits, Having your bank "stand down" on its demands, Vendors continue to supply you (even if owed a substantial sum), Lawsuits are averted (or settled for far less than imagined),  New capital raised (debt or equity). Click here to return to home page

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